Five things you can do to be a great team member

Now that you’ve joined the Mix It Up team competition, you may be wondering what you can do to be a great team player. Each team member needs to be committed to the group and participate in events and activities, but a great team player is willing and able to:

  1. Communicate. Communication is a two-way street; it involves speaking and active listening. From the very beginning, it’s important to convey your goals and expectations, while making sure you clearly understand everyone else’s. Throughout the program, check in with other team members at least weekly to obtain feedback on your participation and discuss any ideas or obstacles.

  2. Recognize individuality. The key ingredients of a team are the individuals who comprise it. To be a great team member, remember to acknowledge that each person’s contribution matters. Try not to overshadow others or let others overshadow you; only you can bring your unique point of view, enthusiasm, and insight to the team.

  3. Encourage, don’t discourage. One of the most rewarding experiences of being on a team is the support you’ll receive to help you meet your nutritional goals. And when supporting others, you’ll want to remain positive and provide helpful, encouraging advice. For example, if someone on your team isn’t seeing the results they expected, focus on what they’re doing well and suggest they build on that.

  4. Set a good example. Being a good example will help motivate and inspire others on your team, while at the same time making you feel proud. Examples of setting a good example include maintaining an upbeat attitude, practicing good attendance, giving constructive feedback, and being flexible.

  5. Stay focused on team goals. Whether you’re experiencing success or lagging a bit, staying focused on team goals is necessary to keep everyone dedicated and moving forward. Be in it for your teammates — not just yourself.